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Learn EFT easily by using the EFT Library

You may know that EFT founder Gary Craig had created some wonderful sets of training DVDs, which he offered at a low cost so many people can learn EFT from the convenience of their home or office.   Unfortunately, Gary has retired from leading and supporting EFT in 2010 and those DVDs are no longer available.

The good thing however is that some people have done a great job at making a self training available, so EFT can continue its huge success and exponential growth rate.

My favorite one is Garry Williams' EFT Audio Library (also known as EFT Hub or EFT Radio), which contains all of the stuff you need to know if you want to use EFT on yourself or your people close to you, but also a lot of the stuff that professional EFT practitioners need to know!

I really like that the audios come from well known and highly respected EFT and energy psychology or meridian tapping experts, some of them being EFT Masters certified by Gary Craig (EFT founder) himself, such as Carol Look, Fred Gallo, Brad Yates, Tania Prince, Linda Wood, Andy Bryce, David Rourke, Rick Wilkes, Emma Roberts, Sue Beer, Judy Byrne, Gwyneth Moss and others. Therefore, this is a resource you can trust for a high quality of information.

The Library contains a video showing the basic procedures, as well as a complete program for learning EFT, from the basic stuff up to the more advance techniques (which you can follow at your own pace):

  • Getting started with EFT

  • EFT Fundamentals Part One

  • EFT Fundamentals Part Two

  • EFT Fundamentals Part Three

  • The Art of EFT - Part 1

  • The Art of EFT - Part 2

Other valuable material packages that you can find in the Library includes:


  • Marketing your EFT practice (excellent resource for professionals!)

  • EFT Weight and Body Issues

  • EFT and Abundance

  • Trauma and EFT

  • Gary Craig Tribute

Gary promises that the Library will be continuously updated with new material, so you may want to consider a Lifetime subscription to save some money.

I have personally subscribed to the Library (for lifetime) and although I am an experienced, certified advanced EFT practitioner, I have found new information that I am now using in my practice.

Beginners will  get all they need to get started with EFT and much more, to keep them going. Especially if you don't have the time or money or you are in any way not able to attend a live EFT workshop, I believe this is the second best option for learning EFT.

Anyway, whatever the reason you have for learning EFT, this is one of the best resources and I highly recommend that you subscribe. To do so, click here. You will be transferred to the entry page for the EFT Audio Library, where you can see what it includes, your subscription options plus (some times) interesting offers and discounts.



Fast and permanent relief, riddance, freedom from:
Claustrophobia - Height phobia - Agoraphobia - Flight phobia - Sickness phobia - Animals phobia - Insects phobia
Fear of water - Fear of darkness - Social phobia - Night phobia - Fear of plants - Any simple or complex Phobia
Stress - Anxiety - Tenseness - Insecurity - Nervousness - Anger - Hate - Grief - Depression - Guilt - Feeling incompetent
Fear of abandonment - Fear of the future - Fear of persons - Fear of the unknown - Fear of death
Traumatic memory: Rejection, Failure, Duress, Abandonment, Accident, Abuse, Rape, Love pain
Headache - Nervous stomach-ache - Back pain - Pain in the neck - Carpal tunnel syndrome
Pre-menstrual syndrome - Physical pain with no organic cause - Constipation - Irritable bowel - Jaw tightness
Asthma - Constricted breath - Dyspnoea - Chronic diseases - Hypertension - Hypotension - tachycardia - Arrhythmia
Sexual problems (non organic) - Myopia - Vision problems - Allergies of any kind
Dyslexia - Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) - Learning problems - Low school grades
Panic attacks - Bulimia  - Cravings - Anorexia nervosa - Overeating - Specific food dislike
(In general, almost anything being acquired and not born with, resulting from or enhanced by psychological causes)

Immediate withdrawal and full deliverance from:
Drugs - Alcohol - Smoking - Addictive food - Nervous habits

Personal improvement for success and happiness, for a new, better life:
Procrastination - Self-confidence - Self-image - Better relationships - Forgiveness - Acquisition of wealth
Goal achievement - Work performance - Sport performance - Personal peace

The above cases are indicative! EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is appropriate for numerous different personal issues regarding mind, emotional and physical dysfunction.  Look at our pages for your own issue ...



This Web site contains information and techniques that you can apply on yourself and onto other people. If and how you use these is absolutely your personal responsibility! EFT is not a medical or psychotherapeutic method and is still under research and development. Please consult experienced medical doctors and psychotherapists to deal (especially) with serious and chronic mental and physical issues and use EFT as an additional aid,  or according to their advice and instructions. These pages are for informative and educational purposes only and should not turn you away from the help of professional mental or physical therapist. In addition, it is not assured that each and every specific case will benefit from the use of what you read in this Web site or EFT in general.

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