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What EFT is not - Fables, misunderstandings and inaccuracies

When visiting the Web site of EFT founder (emofree.com), you may get the impression that EFT is probably a "panacea" for all personal problems (although Gary Craig never stops remarking that it's not) and that it has immediate and permanent results in most of the cases applied to.

It is true that EFT is exceptionally effective to numerous cases of emotional distress and physical (psychosomatic, to be precise) dysfunction, from discharging a "simple: anger issue against someone who treated us badly to even a full rehabilitation from serious, chronic or even "incurable" diseases.

However, it is also true that EFT does not always have a substantial positive effect. Some times it may not bring the results anticipated, probably because it is not applied within the proper framework, its basic principles are not being followed or it just that the techniques are not exercised 100% right.

When you do fail, you can read our "Reasons for failure" page and see a couple of ideas for overcoming failure. However, sometimes however hard we try by applying all that can come to mind, the target problem proves to be irresolvable or the improvement does not seem to be permanent or substantial.  In some cases where EFT is supposed to be able to bring results, we get disappointed. Fortunately, this is a rather small percentage, especially for the experienced professional practitioners of EFT.

So, EFT is not a solution for everything, even sometimes for problems that have been resolved with EFT on other people.

Another potential misunderstanding by visitors of other EFT Web sites is that reading the basic stuff about EFT and immediately starting to apply can make someone a therapist and able to quickly cure even chronic issues! This misunderstanding is happening mainly because of the frequent reporting of "one-minute wonders", which actually are possible, even on someone's very first application of EFT.

Yes, it has happened to see someone getting rid of chronic headaches, stomach ulcer, nervousness, traumatic memories, etc. when applying just the basic EFT techniques and for the very first time. However, these incidents constitute a low percentage of the successful applications of EFT and really a very low percentage in all cases of applying EFT, including the not-so-successful ones.

You will seldom read about failure incidents on the Web sites who present information on EFT. Of course, that does not mean that it cannot fail! You will also read about many many cases where a lot of patience and persistence had to be exercised for EFT to achieve good results, sometimes using a lot of different approaches and "tricks" to get the job done. This is very frequent especially when the practitioner in inexperienced, or an integrated therapy or personal development framework is not used.

In this site, eft.gr, we try to be honest with you and show you also cases of EFT failing, so that you can see its limits (and probably the practitioners'  limits) and help you in making a good and proper use of it.

In addition, we would like to make clear that EFT is not "new age" stuff. It is not something "virtual", a method for generating empty hopes, or a mystic art based on superior forces or occult theories. EFT is palpable, specific and is based on knowledge and theories that have already been proven or are in the stage of scientific research and study.

If someone tries to make you believe something different or to present generic, ambiguous or too hard to understand explanations on EFT, he/she probably has not really understood what it is and how it works, or is simply trying to seduce you!

We urge you to be extremely cautious and always consult the original sources of EFT and Energy Psychology, for your learning and research. You can find these sources on our Web pages (such as "Learn EFT"), on EFT founder Web site (emofree.com) and in the writings and on the Web pages of a few other important EFT practitioners, such as Dr. Patricia Carrington, Dr. Carol Look, Dr. Steve Wells, etc. and a few important people of Energy Psychology, such as Dr. David Feinstein.


Fast and permanent relief, riddance, freedom from:
Claustrophobia - Height phobia - Agoraphobia - Flight phobia - Sickness phobia - Animals phobia - Insects phobia
Fear of water - Fear of darkness - Social phobia - Night phobia - Fear of plants - Any simple or complex Phobia
Stress - Anxiety - Tenseness - Insecurity - Nervousness - Anger - Hate - Grief - Depression - Guilt - Feeling incompetent
Fear of abandonment - Fear of the future - Fear of persons - Fear of the unknown - Fear of death
Traumatic memory: Rejection, Failure, Duress, Abandonment, Accident, Abuse, Rape, Love pain
Headache - Nervous stomach-ache - Back pain - Pain in the neck - Carpal tunnel syndrome
Pre-menstrual syndrome - Physical pain with no organic cause - Constipation - Irritable bowel - Jaw tightness
Asthma - Constricted breath - Dyspnoea - Chronic diseases - Hypertension - Hypotension - tachycardia - Arrhythmia
Sexual problems (non organic) - Myopia - Vision problems - Allergies of any kind
Dyslexia - Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) - Learning problems - Low school grades
Panic attacks - Bulimia  - Cravings - Anorexia nervosa - Overeating - Specific food dislike
(In general, almost anything being acquired and not born with, resulting from or enhanced by psychological causes)

Immediate withdrawal and full deliverance from:
Drugs - Alcohol - Smoking - Addictive food - Nervous habits

Personal improvement for success and happiness, for a new, better life:
Procrastination - Self-confidence - Self-image - Better relationships - Forgiveness - Acquisition of wealth
Goal achievement - Work performance - Sport performance - Personal peace

The above cases are indicative! EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is appropriate for numerous different personal issues regarding mind, emotional and physical dysfunction.  Look at our pages for your own issue ...



This Web site contains information and techniques that you can apply on yourself and onto other people. If and how you use these is absolutely your personal responsibility! EFT is not a medical or psychotherapeutic method and is still under research and development. Please consult experienced medical doctors and psychotherapists to deal (especially) with serious and chronic mental and physical issues and use EFT as an additional aid,  or according to their advice and instructions. These pages are for informative and educational purposes only and should not turn you away from the help of professional mental or physical therapist. In addition, it is not assured that each and every specific case will benefit from the use of what you read in this Web site or EFT in general.

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