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Alternative EFT techniques

The following techniques and procedures can be considered as alternative to the basic and additional EFT techniques and procedures. Each one can partially or completely substitute a basic or additional technique.

A few of these were not created by the EFT founder Gary Craig and are not  "formally" considered as part of EFT. However, they are frequently used and also acknowledged by Gary himself, like the Choices method.

Using any of these techniques usually requires a decision made on the spot.

So, the alternative techniques are:


After practicing EFT for a long time and gaining valuable experience and a high success ratio, the EFT practitioner can gradually remove parts of the techniques that are probably not needed per case.

The first one who did throw away parts of the techniques was Gary Craig himself and he actually guides EFT practitioners through specific shortcuts which can be safely applied (see the EFT Manual, p. 55-56):

  • Shortening the Full Sequence by leaving out all the tapping points located at hands.

  • Leaving out the Setup and using it only when Psychological Reversal is highly probable.

  • Omitting the 9-Gamut procedure in almost every case and using it only when you're stuck and cannot achieve further improvement in any other way.

In Gary Craigs's training videos you can see that Gary himself almost never uses the Full Sequence, except for demonstration purposes. He also likes to emphasize that when the practitioner has enough experience in EFT, he/she can further "customize" the sequence by omitting the points of his/her choice or even changing the order of the tapping sequence.

Gary also tells people that he always comes back to the "mechanical" Full Sequence when he does not have a clear intuition on how to proceed or he the SUDS level is stubborn.

Another "classic" shortcut is omitting the Setup and/or not using the Reminder Phrase, in cases were improvement is obvious (so no Psychological Reversal seems to be present) and the subject is well tuned to the problem.

Imaginary Tapping

The technique involves replacing the real physical tapping with tapping imagined by the subject.

However unreal or strange that looks, this techniques can often work well and is especially fitted to cases were the subject is not alone and does not want other people to see the tapping taking place.

Please not that this techniques is more effective when the subject has already used real tapping for some time, so the body can "remember" the feeling of being tapped at the specific points, when the tapping is being imagined.

Surrogate Muscle Testing

It's a special case of Muscle Testing. The difference is that the test is not done on the subject, but on the EFT practitioner on behalf of the subject!

The practitioner is energetically "connected" to the subject (by contact or thought) and executes the muscle test on him/herself, while asking questions directed to the subject.

This technique can prove to be useful when the direct Muscle Testing is not possible, appropriate or will not help for the subject to know that he/she is under Muscle Testing.

Surrogate Tapping

The EFT practitioner executes the tapping on him/herself on behalf of the client, after energetically connecting with the client.

This technique can be useful when the EFT client cannot do the tapping due to physical, time or age constraints.

This is also a technique that requires a lot of practice to be successful and usually is not as effective as direct tapping.

The technique can also be applied as imaginary tapping!


This process has been invented by Dr. Dr. Patricia Carrington, one of the EFT pioneers and early adopters. It's very widely used and can be considered as standard practice in EFT.

The process involves the use of a Setup Phrase with a positive statement that includes choices. For example, one could use a phrase like "even though I am terribly mad at ..., I chose to be calm and see things with logic", instead of "even though I am terribly mad at..., I deeply and completely accept myself" which is prescribed by the basic form of the Setup.

A more advanced form of the technique involves the alternate use of negative and positive (choice-based) phrases during the tapping.

This process is so wonderfully effective, that Dr. Carrington has written a whole book about it!

Gandy's Three Point Sequence

This process substitutes the Full Sequence with only three points:

  • The Top of the Head point (or vaihui for eastern practitioners).

  • The Under the Wrist point (or neiguan for eastern practitioners).

  • The Above the Angle point (or sanyinjiao for eastern practitioners).

The selection of the three points is attributed to Michael Gandy and is demonstrated in one of the DVDs of the Steps toward becoming the ultimate therapist of Gray Craig.

The Top of the Head point is actually so much important and effective, that Gary Craig has now unofficially incorporated in into the Sequence.


If you want to learn EFT and use it effectively, go the the Learn EFT page.



Fast and permanent relief, riddance, freedom from:
Claustrophobia - Height phobia - Agoraphobia - Flight phobia - Sickness phobia - Animals phobia - Insects phobia
Fear of water - Fear of darkness - Social phobia - Night phobia - Fear of plants - Any simple or complex Phobia
Stress - Anxiety - Tenseness - Insecurity - Nervousness - Anger - Hate - Grief - Depression - Guilt - Feeling incompetent
Fear of abandonment - Fear of the future - Fear of persons - Fear of the unknown - Fear of death
Traumatic memory: Rejection, Failure, Duress, Abandonment, Accident, Abuse, Rape, Love pain
Headache - Nervous stomach-ache - Back pain - Pain in the neck - Carpal tunnel syndrome
Pre-menstrual syndrome - Physical pain with no organic cause - Constipation - Irritable bowel - Jaw tightness
Asthma - Constricted breath - Dyspnoea - Chronic diseases - Hypertension - Hypotension - tachycardia - Arrhythmia
Sexual problems (non organic) - Myopia - Vision problems - Allergies of any kind
Dyslexia - Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) - Learning problems - Low school grades
Panic attacks - Bulimia  - Cravings - Anorexia nervosa - Overeating - Specific food dislike
(In general, almost anything being acquired and not born with, resulting from or enhanced by psychological causes)

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Procrastination - Self-confidence - Self-image - Better relationships - Forgiveness - Acquisition of wealth
Goal achievement - Work performance - Sport performance - Personal peace

The above cases are indicative! EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is appropriate for numerous different personal issues regarding mind, emotional and physical dysfunction.  Look at our pages for your own issue ...



This Web site contains information and techniques that you can apply on yourself and onto other people. If and how you use these is absolutely your personal responsibility! EFT is not a medical or psychotherapeutic method and is still under research and development. Please consult experienced medical doctors and psychotherapists to deal (especially) with serious and chronic mental and physical issues and use EFT as an additional aid,  or according to their advice and instructions. These pages are for informative and educational purposes only and should not turn you away from the help of professional mental or physical therapist. In addition, it is not assured that each and every specific case will benefit from the use of what you read in this Web site or EFT in general.

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