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Range of EFT applications

The only thing that can limit your use of EFT is really your imagination!

The originators and the experienced practitioners of EFT all over the planet (amongst them are professional psychologists and psychotherapists), have been using EFT on numerous different personal issues, that is not only to emotional issues where it excels, but also to physical issues, with great success wherever the problem includes emotional components and traumatic events.

But that's not all... EFT is a wonderful tool for personal development, for eliminating self-imposed restrictions that keep us from experiencing happiness, wealth, better relationships and abundance in our lives.

Let's see what Phillip and Jane Mountrose write ([Mountrose, 2000]) regarding the applications of EFT :

In its short history, EFT has already helped thousands of people with a vast array of common emotions, including:

  • Stress and anxiety.

  • Anger and frustration.

  • Depression.

  • All kinds of fears and phobias.

  • Negative memories and inner child issues.

  • Self-doubt.

  • Guilt, grief, confusion and just about any other emotion imaginable, including those icky, yucky and generally awful feelings you can't even find a name for.

Amazingly, the benefits of EFT do not end there. EFT is not limited to releasing painful emotions. Consider these possibilities:

1. Improve your health:

  • Reduce physical cravings for substances like chocolate and cigarettes.

  • Relieve pain.

  • Overcome insomnia.

  • Increase your overall well-being.

2. Increase your effectiveness in everything you do:

  • Expand your career opportunities.

  • Improve your performance in sports, your career and any aspect of your life.

  • Release your limitations about money and open to creating more abundance in your life.

  • Improve your business and personal relationships.

  • Speak up in public situations and with those you are not able to communicate with now.

3. Improve the quality of your life:

  • Release any feelings that prevent you from experiencing a life filled with joy and love.

  • Build up the courage to try the things you have always wanted to do, but never dared.

  • Enhance your personal and spiritual growth process.

There are almost countless of examples of people who have recovered with ease from emotions that have disturbed them for years using EFT. It has been shown to be effective where other techniques have failed. It has even been used successfully for relieving a variety of physical symptoms like headaches and back pain, along with conditions such as insomnia.

EFT is particularly helpful where the physical symptoms are directly linked to emotions like stress and anxiety. The success rate reported by the developers of EFT when dealing with emotions is between 80 percent and 100 percent. This has been our experience as well. With physical conditions, the success rate is lower, but many people suffering from a wide variety of conditions have received tremendous benefits from the use of EFT. In many cases, the effects are permanent and, if not, the procedure may be easily repeated.

EFT is also gentle and works quickly. Most EFT users are able to release troubling emotions like fear, anxiety, anger and stress in a short time, often within a single session or several days or weeks compared with months or years of traditional therapy. These types of techniques are so effective, that their originator, Dr. Callahan, reportedly went bankrupt when he began using his techniques with his clients, because they responded so quickly.

One of the things we appreciate most is EFT's versatility. When you have mastered the skills, it is almost like having superpowers. You will have tools that you can use in just about any situation. For instance, if you are going into an important meeting or interview and feel anxious or afraid, you can just sit in your car or duck quickly into the restroom an do some EFT. It works wonders and doesn't require any special equipment, so you can use it virtually anywhere.

We cannot praise enough EFT and its applications potential... With these Web pages we try to give you a few directions and suggestions for exploiting this innovative method, along with real-world cases, so that you can have a good picture and get many ideas about using EFT more often and more effectively.


Fast and permanent relief, riddance, freedom from:
Claustrophobia - Height phobia - Agoraphobia - Flight phobia - Sickness phobia - Animals phobia - Insects phobia
Fear of water - Fear of darkness - Social phobia - Night phobia - Fear of plants - Any simple or complex Phobia
Stress - Anxiety - Tenseness - Insecurity - Nervousness - Anger - Hate - Grief - Depression - Guilt - Feeling incompetent
Fear of abandonment - Fear of the future - Fear of persons - Fear of the unknown - Fear of death
Traumatic memory: Rejection, Failure, Duress, Abandonment, Accident, Abuse, Rape, Love pain
Headache - Nervous stomach-ache - Back pain - Pain in the neck - Carpal tunnel syndrome
Pre-menstrual syndrome - Physical pain with no organic cause - Constipation - Irritable bowel - Jaw tightness
Asthma - Constricted breath - Dyspnoea - Chronic diseases - Hypertension - Hypotension - tachycardia - Arrhythmia
Sexual problems (non organic) - Myopia - Vision problems - Allergies of any kind
Dyslexia - Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) - Learning problems - Low school grades
Panic attacks - Bulimia  - Cravings - Anorexia nervosa - Overeating - Specific food dislike
(In general, almost anything being acquired and not born with, resulting from or enhanced by psychological causes)

Immediate withdrawal and full deliverance from:
Drugs - Alcohol - Smoking - Addictive food - Nervous habits

Personal improvement for success and happiness, for a new, better life:
Procrastination - Self-confidence - Self-image - Better relationships - Forgiveness - Acquisition of wealth
Goal achievement - Work performance - Sport performance - Personal peace

The above cases are indicative! EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is appropriate for numerous different personal issues regarding mind, emotional and physical dysfunction.  Look at our pages for your own issue ...



This Web site contains information and techniques that you can apply on yourself and onto other people. If and how you use these is absolutely your personal responsibility! EFT is not a medical or psychotherapeutic method and is still under research and development. Please consult experienced medical doctors and psychotherapists to deal (especially) with serious and chronic mental and physical issues and use EFT as an additional aid,  or according to their advice and instructions. These pages are for informative and educational purposes only and should not turn you away from the help of professional mental or physical therapist. In addition, it is not assured that each and every specific case will benefit from the use of what you read in this Web site or EFT in general.

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